Heather + Blake

Heather + Blake

On Cinco de Mayo four years ago, Heather and Blake were set up on a blind date. After a large cheese dip and some margaritas, “I guess you could say the rest was history.”

For their first look Blake was crying before he even saw her, little did he know she was going to prank him with a fake dress. “I like your princess sleeves” he said not sure if this was her real dress or not. He took the joke like a champion and laughed it off while Heather changed into her actual dress for the real first look.

“I think my favorite part was when I was coming down the aisle. It filled my heart to see him and our closest friends and family at the end of the aisle– the rest of the ceremony and reception was a blissful blur! We loved being surrounded by those who love us most and feel so blessed to have shared our special day with so many people. Easily the happiest day, week, and month of our lives together. All that’s left is building our life forward from here, and I couldn’t ask for anyone more loving, caring, and supportive to live out life’s adventures with.” -Heather

These two radiate joy and love in a way that’s truly contagious. Only a few minutes into their engagement session they had Tim and I dying laughing. Its always great when we get to do engagement sessions with our couple’s because it helps us all get to know one another before the big day. This allows for more time capturing the photos and videos you’ve been dreaming about – and helps us know which of our not so funny jokes you find funny to get some great candid laughs!

We had the incredible honor to capture both video and photos for Heather and Blake’s beautiful wedding day and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

To view their extended wedding video and “Our Story” videos, scroll to the bottom of this post!