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Meet Jennings

Hello There! I’m Jennings. I am an oil paint artist who fell absolutely in love with telling stories through photography and videography.

At my core, I’m an adventurer. I love to get lost in amazing cities, exploring the outdoors, meeting new people, and hearing their stories. Currently I call Auburn, Alabama home. In this sweet town you will likely find me covered in paint, drinking coffee, and living life as a devoted cat mom.

I feel truly blessed to be able to meet and capture the lives so many incredible people through our videography and photography, and its even more fun to do so with my best friend and husband, Tim. We met in a high school, after both winning “Most Creative” in our senior superlatives, and have been working on projects together ever since!

Meet Tim

Hey I’m Tim. I’m a web developer with an agriculture degree who also is a photographer / videographer. I do a lot of different, seemingly unrelated, things and enjoy come up with creative ways for them all work together.

Born and raised in Auburn, AL, I am a southern man through and through. I like hikes through the woods, late nights in new cities, anything Apple, and good Mexican food. You’ll either find me drinking black coffee or red wine, while trying to make jokes that probably aren’t funny. I found my passion for videography in high school while taking a film class, and thats also how I found my soon to be wife. Over the years I’ve developed a huge fascination and appreciation of recording life through multiple mediums.

You couldn’t ask for a better dynamic duo than Jenn and myself for a shoot. I love working with her, and those days fly by because of the fun we’re all having together. Most days it doesn’t feel like work at all!

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