August 29, 2019

Jordan + Drew | Adventure Engagement

We always hear about people feeling like they have to travel out west to explore and have an adventure. While we are also obsessed with the western National Parks (and went to 6 during our honeymoon alone!), sometimes the best adventure is in your backyard- or at least near your home town. For Jordan + Drew’s engagement session we found the most amazing State Park just outside of Atlanta, Arabia Mountain. We are totally obsessed with the red-brown rocks and dark green foliage. It felt like we were transplanted somewhere else… but were still able to have dinner in downtown Decatur that night.

Now, let’s talk about Jordan for a second. When I think of women who have made the largest impact in my life, my mind immediately goes to Jordan. She was my largest inspiration in college, and my advisor (literally). Jordan taught me more about navigating life than I thought I was capable of knowing at 21 years old. I would not be the same woman, wife, or business owner without her. This incredible woman needs someone equally as incredible: enter Drew. Oh my goodness do we love Drew. This big, cuddly bear of a man is hilarious and the best type of goofy. Seeing how he looks at her when they were dancing around made my heart melt. Hopefully we can all play Nintendo switch together soon. We truly cannot wait for them to get married – November can’t come soon enough!!