What to Wear

Most of our grads wear solid colored navy, black or white dresses or rompers, but don’t be afraid of a little pattern or color! This orange and black dotted dress is one of our absolute favorites!

If you want additional outfits we recommend one casual and one formal outfit. Many graduates wear the dress they plan to wear on graduation for their formal portraits then change into a sports jersey or school themed shirt for a spirited casual look!

"clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will"

-Anne Klein

For group photos, make sure to coordinate! We recommend outfits that compliment rather than match. Most of our groups pick one color with a mix of white and neutrals. Common colors are pastel pink and blue. If you need more inspiration let us know and we can send over more examples.

don't forget

Your Tassel

Tassels can be purchased from the AU Bookstore or on Amazon.

furry friends

We LOVE puppies! Bonus points of you bring your cat!

Your cheerleader

Bring your best friend (or mom!) with you to blast music and tell you how gorgeous you look!


Champange, shakers, TP to roll Toomer's, balloons, grad school shirt, state flags, etc!

*Ecofetti is a great litter free alternative to glitter. You can order a sample of all colors for $5.00 on their site. Not sponsored, but would love to be!!